Project Management

In present world which the technology has been developing very rapidly our company with its well experienced team plans,develops and manages the projects for Turkish defense and aerospace industries based on;

  • New System Design
  • System Upgrade
  • System Analyses
  • Offset Projects

  • Defense Industry Offset Applications

    Offset applications are additional commitments requested by the Under Secretariat for Defense Industries (SSM) from the main contractors in order to allow for the return of the foreign procurements and investments in certain proportions back to the national economy.

    These commitments may include exports from Turkey,foreing stock investments into Turkey, joint investments, technology transfers, license and know-how transfers,in order to create qualified labors and providing all the costs are paid by the main contractors local and foreign training opportunities,R/D investments and the other foreign exchange transactions.

    Offset rates are vary from country to country.In Turkey offset rate is minimum 70% of the main contract amount. Pegasus has a good experience to implement the long term offset projects which the foreign companies plan for the Turkish defense industries.