Land Systems

Pegasus Savunma is a recognized leader in the supply of Land Systems in Turkey.Our significant experience and close cooperation with the leading global defense suppliers give Pegasus an important edge when it comes to procuring Land System products.

Our part supply,design and manufacturing capabilities to cover from mechanical parts to electro mechanical parts,control systems,stabilization systems,transmission parts,engine system parts and more.


  • Leopard 2A4, 1A3T1
  • M60T Tank
  • M60A3, M48A5 Tank
  • GIAT and DAF Turret Systems
  • TOW, MILAN, ERYX, Kornet-E Anti Tank Missile
  • Military Communication Systems
  • T-155 Fırtına, M44T, M52T, M107, M110 Howitzers
  • 35mm AAG
  • BTR-60/80 Armored Personnel Carrier
  • M-113 APC
  • ACV-300 ACV
  • Night Vision Systems


    • Leopard 2A4
       ▪ Various Circuit Card Assemblies
       ▪ Turret Gyro Unit
       ▪ Gun Gyro Unit
       ▪ Inverter Assy
       ▪ Resolver

    • M60T MBT
       ▪ Resolver Assy
       ▪ Turret Gyro Unit
       ▪ Gun Gyro Unit

    • MILAN Anti Tank Missile System
       ▪ Circuit Card Assemblies

    • M48A5 MBT
       ▪ Gyro Unit